Overview QT SYSTEM

 What is the QT system?

The QT (Quick Ticket) System is a self service system which your customers or staff can use to quickly place an order. Used by many types of service based business’s from pubs and bars, fast food outlets, theatre’s, hotel’s, campsites and B&B’s.

The self service industry is growing by 10-12% year on year, this is due to the cost saving benefits and increased popularity of people wanting to order quickly, it is also becoming a prefered choice of ordering as it offers a more relaxed method for customers to browse, choose and place an order.

FREE TRIAL: Test run the QT system. Please contact us directly for a no obligation 15 day free trial.

MONTHLY CONTRACT: Cancel any time and pay on a monthly basis.

PRICE: A very affordable solution at £1 per day per terminal. (Not including hardware or registration fee).

QT System Key Points

HOW DOES IT WORK/WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO? Nothing – we look after everything.

We like to work along side all of our customers on a personal level. We will need a copy of your menu, price list and company logo to create the system for you. You can then choose where you want to put it.

Once installed your business will benefit from the following:

  • Reduced costs. Your staff can be more productive – with the free time generated from automation (time = money).
  • Increased revenue: A better and faster service for your customers results in more spending from your customers.
  • Staff job security – pass your savings also onto your staff.


Order is placed on QT System

Order is placed on QT System

Each terminal runs a dedicated app (IOS or Android) which the customer or staff uses to place an order. Terminals can be placed anywhere inside or outside.

QT System processes the order

QT System processes the order

The order is sent directly to the printer or ipad - in either the kitchen, bar, cafe or reception (depending on the order).

Staff take payment & prepare the order

Staff take payment & prepare the order

The staff receive the ticket immediately and focus on preparing the order and serving the customer. Payment is taken either before or during service.


Queuing time is eliminated – no more disgruntled customers

Valuable staff time can be spent productively instead of administering orders.

Additional revenue is made by speeding up orders, increasing staff productivity and reducing queuing time.

A perfect solution for when staff let you down and don’t turn up.